20th May 2012 Mysterious Circle ET Talk

20th May 2012 as Sylvia is sat still in the cabinet faces appear, one appears here on her neck

It is the evening of 20th May 2012, and it has been a mixed day yet a day of surprises, when Sylvia spoke to a friend on Skype, ET spoke to, and they made themselves heard in the conversation to the friend, later on in the evening Sylvia sat quiet in the chair in the cabinet in her room, focused on the ET and connected, there communication came in stronger, below is the audio of there voices, there language is there own language, yet lots can be heard from them talking and sounds within there craft, there will be a time they will be returning in full form again on live cam, at the moment they are working on further developments that they want to introduce in the sittings, this will not be mentioned yet what it is, yet since the parallel world  appeared in the back garden of the lounge door and hall way, the ET to was working on this, soon Sylvia will be looping in to other worlds, not just the visitors coming to her, she will be joining them in there worlds, this we hope will be caught on film when it happens, till then we wait till they are ready to begin this special journey.
Take a listen below to the ET communication, enjoy.




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