21st May 2012 sitting with 3 trumpets experiment

It is the evening of 21st may 2012, and the mysterious circle sit, this time with 3 trumpets, not the musical instrument, these are very strong card board cones coated in wax, came from a factory that uses them as a type of mould, any how there are 4 of these in the house, this night 3 are used, placed on the bed in front of cabinet, Sylvia works the vortex also known as whirl wind, whirl pool etc. as this is in action and tested the medium puts 2 cones over her arms, basically her arms are inside them, the vortex is activated again and the cones disappear and reappear at times they appear as 4 not 2, the mediums ether self appears at times, and other faces attempt to appear through over Sylvia's face when she is sat in chair also.Communication also comes in from the ET, spirit are also attempting to speak in there own voices, this is a positive step on the voice is getting stronger. The Test sitting this evening shows the connection of ether as well as the connection with parallel worlds are here, material items are solid in the physical world yet alter in the parallel world the ether connects with on the border of both parallel and physical. Take a look below at the images still shot from the saved sitting footage.



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