22nd May 2012 mysterious circle Can the past and the future be shown NOW in the present?

21st April 2012 Sylvia's hand fading in to wall

Can the past and the future be shown NOW in the present? visual and audio? places, people,animals,nature,anything? watch for the special experiment coming on this subject soon,to bring in things that has not been done by anyone before in this way you will see happen.... that no scientist or septic will be able to explain.
The MYsterioUS Circle are working hard with ET on this and when the day arrives for you to get the opportunity to enter in to things whether it is extinct or not, the chance will be there to see it happening.
send in requests in what you would like to see happen and if it can be achieved in the special experiment
it shall be shared.
The New future of the impossible that is possible is only a grasp away, and can be reached, this is a time for new discoveries as well as what has been discovered. and if it can be useful to help the universe be a better one, lets make it a better one....LAUNCH DATE FOR THIS NOT SET IT WILL BEGIN SOON AS ET ARE READY>


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