23rd May 2012 Mysterious circle sitting In Light energizer


it is the evening of 23rd May 2012 and mysterious circle sit for the light energizer the ET send special light to the medium that is stronger than natural light stronger than artificial light, this boosts the mediums vortex up to help the visibility of ET or spirit and any other life form of existence from other worlds to appear, the sitting of the 22nd May 2012 was a very strong sitting that took a lot out of the medium, so today a recharge has been a need to help boost the levels within the medium back up. The parallel  worlds and parallel life forms are very strong around earth people all the time and it can be detected very easily when channelled in to correctly with methods of opening up your inner awareness and allowing time to shift between each second of reality of all real life forms in all existences, adapting to all links at same time of other worlds are quiet challenging can be over whelming at times if not used the right way, it can get complicated.Being on the border of two worlds at same time or in many places at once bit like bi location yet leaping in to many sequences of existence at the same time is not as easy as it may sound yet there are many unexplained worlds yet to discover for science to even understand, shifting in many realities at once at the same time is shown partly in some of the images below how the light energizes the medium yet how the connection pulls the mediums ether self (higher self) outward as many times as it can like a roll of paper being un ravelled length wise in to infinity. Take a look below at some of the images below  of what happened to the medium this evening.



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