24th May 2012 Mysterious Circle Sitting ET are getting Ready


It is the morning of the 24th May 2012, and Sylvia sits a short sitting working with vortex and music, though alot of the vortex has been worked hard this week, Sylvia will need a rest for a few days as in a few days time, the ET will be able to appear on a stronger connection, this will be something to look forward to, some attempts this morning of visible signs coming in at back of Sylvia plus her arms part of her face are showing the ET ligaments there body parts appearing out of Sylvia, so lets hope in the next few days the connection will be very strong for you to see close up shots of the ET appearing out of Sylvia, it is advised those who are easily afraid of things, not to look further from now on in the images and live cam and video, as this is only for people who can handle this type of sitting, it is not meant to cause fear. There will be live demonstrations soon of Sylvia going through physical changes in to levels no one has yet seen her do before. watch the site for up dates. Take a look below at this mornings images, the vortex was not at its strongest yet some partial dematerializations occurred with Sylvia and those of other life and the ether higher self of Sylvia attempted to appear, some ET did make some attempts through her today.



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