24th May 2012 Sylvia sits In TV with film example of Parallel world demonstration

This is NO Camera trick, No 3D effect, No photo Shop, No hologram, it is how you see it.

It is the evening of 24th May 2012, and an evening of wonder, the mysterious circle was prompted to sit in sharing an example of how worlds can cross over to each other at the same time and can be doing the exact same thing if it is your ether self or if it is not you it can be other life forms doing things at the same time yet noticing each other in another dimension can not always be detected by everyone. Now there is a big secret of tapping in to all realities around you, which can involve anything that is living, real and a reality, most people in the world will have an opinion on how they as an individual can see things or not yet it happens to them whether they notice or not or believe it or not, there are many secrets to this universe that is happening around us all every day that go un detected because peoples choices are limited by there own way of seeing a reality or not.

You can grab a photograph and share that photo with many people, and the one thing people accept a photo or video by is the words "family album" "holiday snaps" these words people accept immediately, and no matter what is in a picture or in a video to do with family or holiday no one questions the pictures negatively, they will all agree what they see in the photograph is there, the people and the scenery, the biggest psychological thing that switches a persons mind in to denial or not accepting anything in a picture, is the words, spirit, phenomena, paranormal etc., soon as those words even orb is mentioned the pictures are immediately taken as not real, it does not exist at all, even though people will see what is in the picture.

Why do you think people do not want to accept anything else in pictures that are there visible to see?

Many people have been trained and adapted from birth to have there mind see and hear what they are told to see and hear, you go to a shop and see many products on a shelf to buy, you see those as real an existing product, something you have been adapted to for years to only look at and accept as real, the buildings around you have been put on your path to see as real.your jobs you do you see as real, how you look at each other every day you see as a real. You draw a picture or write with your pen you see as real, yet anything people have invented or created you may accept or not accept as real yet it still exists, what you have in front of you is there for you to see and experience yet it does not mean that you can deny what you experience in your life.

why do people attack each others achievement's in any given subject? when you watch a film on TV or a tv series, you are seeing a reality on your screen, the people who made  that film or TV series you find your self watching your favourites over and over again, you do not want to miss out on the story line yet you will say that does not exist it is just a film or a series, how ever you look at anything in your life, it is there, you either see it or you do not, there are endless things going on with the universe creating many different realities yet it is happening all over the place, your mind has many hidden powers and your body is a tool to use and get about in, yet your ether is the main key to tap in to unseen worlds that can be seen if you allow yourself to tune in and see it, you have been designed to tune in to material seeing what you see now as your reality, yet you have the means to see further than material, those who deny that it can be done have chosen to stay at the level they are at because nothing else is important to them, some are weak in them self to face other realities around them.

Every person whether your good or bad has very special unique gifts connecting with the universe, everyone is meant for something and what ever that something is, you will be, you can choose to be in this reality where you are now, or be in another reality some where else, where ever you are, you dimensional bi locations of you will be doing many roles of reality, you may think all this sounds like garbage talk, it is not.
Whether you go outside or in doors things can happen and if you ignore something that your eyes detect, your chosing to walk away from something wonderful that you can get to know more about, yet your mind immediately thinks you did not see it, it is not real yet you need to go where you are going that is important and ral to you some where else.
nobody needs a camera to tap in to other worlds, no one needs any technical means, nor material to see other worlds or other life, it can be seen by allowing your trained mind to re train itself to look at everything else you switched off from.

Take a look below at this form of example of dimensions, what you will see is a film called" haunting" it is in black and white, other worlds can be in color this film is just an example of how the worlds cross over, this is not a camera trick, no special effect, no photo shop, it is how you will see it.

Sylvia put the camera up it is on a stand and is not facing her, it is standing in the room so it can be seen by you where it is placed, no other cameras are on only that one, you will see Sylvia in her front room lounge at times sat on the setee other times she will be stood up, she is being her self in her own room, now on the footage, she speaks and at times ET are heard also, the film you will see and you may recognise as haunting or haunted, is appearing in the room with Sylvia, the film is playing as it would for any one who likes there film, yet being in the film in the back ground yet the film plays in a parallel way 2 worlds being seen at the same time doing something completely different to each other, or can be doing the same depending on which dimension is crossing over at that time will be in action. in 2011 at a abbey Sylvia filmed other peoples ether self walking around with them self and interacting with other peoples ether self, and that was outside a busy place, and it was marvellous seeing it at that time, all realities in different times are connected at all rates of vibration yet the connection coming in when it does is special, people can look through a window and see the other side outside or in and know when they go outside or in it will appear the same as they seen it through the window and the same with a mirror yet slightly different a mirror shows just you or other things appearing inside it yet mirrors still have hidden secrets to that can be more powerful than a plane glass window. Being away from anything material can still bring in other dimensions.

 sylvia is seen connecting within the film giving an example how worlds can be in sync at same speed or different speeds.reflections have hidden secrets that are more advanced in how that functions in our lives in being the connection of dimensions of other realities around us.

take a look at the images below and play the video above, you will hear Sylvia speak about what is going on in this example of dimensions and parallel worlds.



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