25th May 2012 Paralell World Object? appears naturally in back garden on wall mysterious circle

It is the 25th May 2012 in the Evening, and Sylvia was not sure if she was going to do any sittings this evening, however she decided to go to her kitchen and get herself a drink, as she went through the kitchen and looked outside, she seen on the neighbours wall a object lit up that appeared dimensional, she grabbed her camera and started filming it as she had no idea it will be in that place for showing up, this was happening in natural conditions outside so this was important to get it on her camera and saved for other people to see it. The saved video recording is in this post, and there are still shot images from the saved recording in the post below also, you may believe or disbelieve in parallel worlds  and time travel yet it is being proven by science they they exist, and even though mysterious circle sit for beyond physical medium ship, we also want to bring to you things connected from past, present and future for you to see and hear as well, so mysterious circle have a reason to go out and film and will be linking in to all things in our travels this year and show public what there is parallel existence's around them.The ET will be the one's bringing in a lot of the parallel dimensions, worlds, from the other side of the universe also, not just what is around people on  earth, so this will be something to look forward to.



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