25th May 2012 Paralell world Example part 2 Mysterious Circle


It is the morning of 25th May 2012, Sylvia did another  parallel  world example only this time in the morning and using two cameras at the same time instead of one, both cameras picked up the exact same things going on at the same time. The biggest key that is around people is staring them right in the face, they do see it every day yet, do not pay attention to it, and this is one part of the connection that can easily be accessed by many people if they just gave them self time to switch of from material life and just look around them self to see how the world is interlinking with other worlds, below are examples of the worlds crossing over at the same time, this time the film frighteners is coming in to the room, this is not a hologram projection, this is not effects or camera trick, this is how you are seeing it as is. the two cameras are placed in the room just any where, not facing Sylvia, facing away, both cameras are still and not moved, nothing is moved in the room, it is kept so you can see how things are connecting at the same time, Sylvia yes does move around in her seat or stands up etc.. what are the chances of a full sized car appearing in your living room? what are the chances of anything appearing in your home of any kind? this is the examples of how realities are working around you, it affects peoples health to, it can make people feel uncomfortable and people can be wondering why. You can be sat in  a spot in the same spot some one else is in, in another place, and feel them there yet may not see them, however that connection is instant, though you walk through each other it can be felt, and what you feel can be mistaken for an illness or some other reason for that time. Do not dismiss the parallel universe, science is  already proving parallel worlds and time travel do exist, and science has a long way to go showing what they know in the actions for you to understand, Yet it is freely available all the universe facilities for everyone to understand, it is your choice.

Camera 1 Video Clip link

camera 2 Video clip link

Camera 1 images

camera 2 images



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