26th May 2012 mysterious circle special sitting connecting with a circle in sweden mysterious circle

It is the evening of 26th May 2012, and Sylvia agreed to do a special sitting from her home and connecting to a circle in Sweden at the same time however, she was to astral travel to the circle, she put 2 cameras on, sat in the lounge downstairs, however just before she sat, she picked up an image on the cam, yet after the sitting the footage and audio on both cams did not turn out so that was a disappointment, however when Sylvia came back from the astral, she immediately sent a text a lengthy one to Chris phone, so the circle knew what happened to her and what she seen before they said anything to her. She seen anders wearing black and sat in cabinet, she experienced lights of blue white and an unusual red, lighting up, there was bangs, she seen spirit yet was told they want to send an apport of a statue of brass similar to a Buddha and writing either on paper or in mid air for sitters to see, Chris was sat on left not far from end Sylvia picked up 3rd seat it was a table just before Chris it looked like an unusual seat to her, the silver trumpet was near cabinet with things on floor near it, was silver with luminous tabs on and other trumpets was away from it yet in like a horse shoe shape together, the energy was strong and red light was on anders for a short time, Sylvia seen something coming out of anders it was appearing from mouth yet the nose to moving up in air moving around and she also touched him and went round to sitters hugging and touching them, the aim of the sitting was to also get this on her recordings to show that where she is in distance to them, that she can get there sitting in her room and cam will pick it up and record it, yet the footage did not record. Sylvia got pulled back fast not sure if it was the baby that triggered it yet she was told the sitting there end was closed down sudden, a boy was seen in the sitting by the sitters? yet in the short time the sitting occurred it was strong, the medium who sat will be returning to public that was also told to Sylvia while she was in the astral, she has never been to Sweden, nor this person's place before, yet all she has seen has been confirmed as evidential, so when the next test experiment happens again, lets hope this time it shows up on cam and it records.

below are images from earlier today, showing how things appear within each other in the dimension state and also Sylvia hand and part arm changing in front of the camera close up. the first picture was just before Sylvia's sat to connect with the circle in Sweden, and the image that appeared is below. Looking forward to new starts for the coming year.
Just before the sitting began to connect with the circle in Sweden this image appeared.

       Images:    How things can appear through each other at the same time whether still or moving

Images: What you are seeing is my hand and part of arm changing close up in front of the camera side on whilst in the dining room



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