27th May 2012 mysterious circle Very special sitting to take place this evening with Sweden circle

Please read the post and look at the pictures below, there are 2 video in this post,both cams filmed the same sitting at same time,camera 2 was pointing on the cupboard and trumpet, yet Sylvia is heard talking before the sitting takes place on that video where Chris appears during sitting, camera 1 you can see Sylvia and Chris on that video, the sound should be there yet it is not coming through the video as it should be. Camera 2 was at an angel yet was in the same place as cam1 slightly at an angle. Video for Cam 1 is Below

human emotion can get the better of any body and especially if the person going through it knows there is a reason to show it, it does not mean they are wrong or right for showing it

MYsterioUS circle are very aware of the type of sittings they sit for, even though at this time it can not be told to public yet what it is, you will one day know the name of it and how special it is
however it is NOT physical mediumship which we have said many times before, it is something not known to earth people.

Camera 1 video

This evenings post update for Sweden circle sitting with mysterious circle from long distance connection, camera 2 is in top post playing now, cam 1 will be added just below when uploaded.
It is the 27th may 2012, this evening at 6pm uk England time or 7pm, a Sweden circle and mysterious circle will be sitting, this will not be live cam hook up with them, what will take place is, the attempt to bring in the Sweden sitting from Sweden in to the mysterious circle visual, if this happens it will be more evidential on how parallel worlds and dimensions and time travel, can appear no matter where you are in the world, The ET are the ones doing all this wonderful work, and they will be helping this impossible sitting be possible from very long distance, Chris will be sitting at the same time with another medium and if ET can pick them both up or at least one of them and get them in the mysterious circle sitting at same time and it appears on the cams, it will be remarkable, it will not be easy, it will be difficult, yet we will not give up if it fails, there will be further attempts in future.So watch this post on this combined sitting for the update, later tonight. the post will be added in this one. This is not recommended with living people as they can be put at risk, as there ether self is sensitive, so it is important that when a connection happens the link does not get a sudden shock to those involved.

very recent Update:
Special sitting connecting with Sweden Circle, and Chris appears in mysterious circle while he is in Sweden sitting with anders at same time, 2 Live camera filming at different angles filmed the sitting in mysterious circle,very recent Update:Since Chris looked at the sitting himself, he recognised the sitting is not just  being in Sweden, yet from his past as well,when he did not film with any camera his sittings, and  this goes back to possibly harrogate church even before he ever met Sylvia, he only started filming  some of his sittings with his camera at this time in 2011  and part of 2012 and how he knows is because the chair he seen himself sat in, he recognised from the past, he said it is even possible it could be the times he sat with Beatrice who was at that time his circle leader, those who sat with him in his early days will know he never filmed his sittings, most he would do is record the sound.He also said the glass he sees himself drinking from he actually drank from in Sweden, and the hands wearing a ring was not his hands, will check to see if anyone in Sweden was wearing a ring on there finger and was near Chris or touching him as Chris got some kind of healing happening to him as well, if there is a connection of that present time showing up on the footage it will mean the past and present was combined, the chair was of the past yet the rest he knew happened in Sweden, was of the present, you will need to talk to Chris and anders and lisbeth and others who sat to get a clearer indication what happened at there end of the sitting in Sweden, all mysterious circle can do is confirm what we received our end. This is an amazing phenomena in how it has happened whether, past or present or combined and it will never be forgotton.


At 6pm UK ENGLAND TIME the Sweden circle in Sweden sat there time 1 hour a head of England 7pm, and mysterious circle sat in England, this is a long way away from each other, yet attempts was made for a second day, to connect and see if any phenomena of any kind could happen in any ones circle at there locations. Sylvia started her sitting a few mins before 6pm to talk about the sitting then she sat, she sat for the Astral connection which means allowing her ether self to connect to the astral and go to the Swedish circle whilst her body is still at her home location. whilst she sat, her awareness went, and her awareness ended up some where else, part of her felt she was not sure where she was to a point blank then she got connected with the circle, she seen the circle yet got pulled towards Chris, the link was very strong that she had to help him see what can be achieved with his spiritual development sitting in Sweden that he can appear at home. it was not to difficult as expected to help his ether along, yet there was only enough energy to connect and bring one through, the ET did bring in the phenomenal lights to the mysterious circle from Sweden that glowed like sparkled stars, now Chris on the saved footage from both cameras, can be seen clearly at times then he fades then he returns yet all what you see of him, he is moving his whole body himself, his ether body, his connection was positively strong, people know Chris is in Sweden, he is not due back until 28th may 2012 in England, so those who see him now know exactly where he is, and what happened in there sitting, only they can confirm what happened or not.
This will be a big eye opener for those who have not experienced this before, those who have will have an idea what it is like. In the future the circle will sit like this again, not for a while yet, as it is risky with living people sudden shock to them can be harmful. the two saved recordings of sitting will be added to this post once uploaded for everyone to see, for now take a look at the images below in what happened in the sitting this evening, and thank the ET for there hard work and efforts.

This is images of the lounge where the mysterious circle sitting took place, images took with mobile phone camera, this is where Chris appears in the room where the cupboard (unit) is near window, the small chair under the window is where Sylvia sat, you will see here there on video for camera 1

Sylvia recieved a white feather today in her room, yet later that day, chris got a white feather to, when sylvia sent picture of the feather to chris and anders, she was told the feathers are exactly the same, so there was a reason for that to happen, look at the feather sylvia got below images took with mobile phone camera,you will need to look at the feather Chris has got to see if there is a resemblance, it can not be confirmed the feathers appeared the same time, yet we know it happened on the same day.

camera 2

Ring seen here on finger after the drinking from glass

drinking glass in hand at 40:25 - 40:27 time on cam 2 you can see the glass being drunk from


drinking glass appearing

drinking glass in hand

drinking glass in hand

drinking glass in hand

drinking glass in hand

ring on finger

Camera 2

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