2nd May 2012 revealing the truth of worlds around you and who you are

The Mysterious circle sittings are always showing different things,what you see in the shape shifter is NOT exactly the same as the sitting

It has for a very long time been a avenue of "awareness" wanting to open up for people in all countries in the world and the universe to see things with there own two eyes, where material has always been the focus point from the time people have been born, memories before coming to earth to live has been a memory that has never been forgotten for some people and others there memories have been erased and drummed out of them from the time being on planet earth.why did those people get it erased and to only think one way only for material, power, money,ego only doing work on the planet, having less time with family and friends, getting less time to discover or uncover truth that surrounds them yet time is not enough to get things done to find it all out.
It has been over a couple of years now and things have been happening out of the blue when people can watch Television and for example a live news channel and for some unknown reason something happens to the TV screen. a presenter for example could be talking the news and be some where the camera is live and next thing something happens to them personally either to there face or whole body or the surroundings, there could be a group of people together, either all of them will go through it, or some will go through it or only one individual. those who are evolving are evolving, those who are not evolving will be stuck where they are until they can allow evolve to happen directly to them self. awareness is a powerful key that can tap in to anything and when it does it can show many things to people that they are not used to and get frightened of it easily because that is different and is hard to understand. awareness can bring many truths and it can also bring many kinds of emotions that a person has never experienced before and when it over whelms the controlling of the emotion can be hard to shut off. people out of fear can react and assume the worst and think something is evil and bad because it is different and they are not used to it, there are people who will psychologically paint a mirror to reflect to others it is an evil or the person or subject in question is an evil because they have no other way to express the situation they witness, not all things are bad nor evil, everything has good and evil within it and it is how you as an individual chooses to be in the good and bad what road you want to take and be on.
Corruption, hatred,brain washing,power,ego,money,doing things out of character are on a high and is getting higher in all avenues in life, everything is trying to out do each other on something and see the worst in things than good, everything is doing all they can to get a service or product sold for money with out a care what harm that product or service will do in possibly a damaging way to the customer, power and money are high in all aspects of life whether rich or poor it is there everyday where ever you go.

people can easily fall in to traps bit like following the next fashion trend or music and those who are told to like something even if they do not like it find them self caught up in a web of fitting in with everything else going on around them either because law put it there or some one else convinced the other to wear the clothes hear the music or by a food because it is the best thing ever than anything else on the market and it is going to be massive in the world.

sadly people seem to follow suit rather than "stop" and "look" at things again and "think" do i need that, do i believe in that, do i feel it is or not me, am i seeing what i see or hear the same as some one else? the list goes on, why are all rights being taken away from populations, laws are being changed regular now with out any warnings or choices, things are being altered to individuals to suit them so more power is gained.

I am going to go through a point of going back to the cameras, television and face to face, what is going on in the world with awareness, these are trying times, people are waking up to the realities that have been hidden for so long around them, and when it feels uncomfortable it can be over whelming, making a person feel not sure how to react so they need something to immediately focus on and target to pick  on and accuse or create a picture to get followers to copy the pattern of hatred or not hatred, which ever way it goes, no matter what subject is about in any category it is happening in everything.

what your eyes and ears do not always see and hear are being detected by technology, it does not matter how cheap or expensive a piece of equipment is, it has the means and ability to pick things up and it will show up on film or sound, and not just camera or audio, television, computer, radio anything. and those that are real and true and not tampered with show things as they are and the truth in what is hidden all around you that you do not see immediately with your awareness in the perspective you have for the time your looking at something or listening, those who are waking up are seeing it face to face also with out any technology involved, the point is, the truth is here and it can not be denied, people will at this time look for other explanations to try convince a person they are not seeing or hearing something and that they are imagining things or get called awful names, those who are not seeing or hearing are stuck, they are not evolving they are at the pit of the reality they do not want end to in material gain, those evolving will at times say the wrong things in ways they do not understand what is happening around them and in what they are witnessing and because they will see things that to them looks evil because they are not used to seeing something different will paint the wrong picture to people and cause panic and mayhem. those who are aware and understand what all this is about will be more knowledgeable to show what is the real evil and what is the real good in the realities opening up in higher awareness.

Heaven and hell has always been here it is all around you and that is in anything in the universe and for all species of life.
accepting changes can be hard,but there is coming a time people will have no choice given to them yet to accept what is there because there will be no other way to hide from it.
and for those who are being called "reptilian shape shifters" think on this any body put in front of a camera can have there  identity looked at in the same way, you as people in the universe are all unique you all have hidden secrets in you and around you, and what you see happening to some one else does not mean it will or will not happen to you to. The worlds and other life forms whether ? on planet earth or not are coming in and who ever is stood in the same spot at the same time it will show up on a camera, it does not matter who you think you are as a person you are in the same light as others you to will have something appear from you at some stage or next to you or around you, and the more you say it won't ever happen or there is nothing with you, i can reassure you and prove to you it is. Not everyone is out to harm, those who are out to harm will easily be detected and that will not be escaped by no means, those who are out for kindness they will be identified as that person in how it shows up for them, also, there are many hidden species in you as an individual as much as what is around you of species and what you are under the flesh and bones can not be denied, the LID project that has been in operation for lots of years is a big thing uncovering truth in the universe and outer and people here on earth should be careful what they say and how they treat each other because there are many things further to come and this is only a taster of a reptilian shape shifter you believe the name is for the people who have changed vi a cam or on television or face to face, be warned do not medal with things you do not understand and give it a name you have no idea on what it is a bout, because it is a very complicated complexed reality that is very real and there are many hidden doors of good and bad, and if you ent in the wrong door you would fear, and fear is not a fear of the normal kind of fear,what you are as an  individual how you think how you feel as a person embeds in you every day and the more disharmony you give to another you r programming in a reality to feed from you the hatred your giving out so it is important you change your ways and be careful, there are so many realities happening now awareness is on all sides which will be uniting together, and it is not and ending of 2012 it is not a consciousness or anything else, it is the start of changes with you all, to see the bigger picture and evolve, those who do not evolve will stay stuck those who evolve will see the realities as it is of other life forms appearing in face on view and worlds where ever you are and there will be no stopping it when it happens.it has already begun with people and it will escalate, it is not called shape shifting, it all has another name and one day you will get the truth of this till then, keep an open mind, as there will be fakers who have no ability of this kind and will deceive public those who are real will be ignored, but not for long. all your true identities will be seen, and nothing will stop it or change it, what you are will be seen by others as you will see there's and there will be no way to explain it, it will happen face to face and not just on camera's or television etc.
there are links to people being called reptilian shape shifters on you tube, you can take a look at some links here however do not absorb negativity, keep an open mind before judging because this is happening everywhere you go it will be seen by many and it is not a camera trick, people are seeing this face to face also, and it may make you feel scared or think it evil because you are not used to it, yet ET are in many forms and that is not all it is.

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there are more video there I found today and I had no idea there was this on you tube, I sit as I sit and that is what I do

Shape shifter and Changelings are 2 different things and there are more things going on than just this and it is not what you think by the terms being used on you tube for shape shifter.completely different.

MYsterious Circle  Sylvia howarth



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