2nd May 2012 Mysterious Circle sitting ET Laser Beam

it is the 2nd May 2012, the mysterious circle sits for a short time preparing for 3rd may for guest sitters, during this short sitting, the medium is sat in the chair and is fully focused on connecting with the other life forms of existence in other worlds, as she is sat, she is not aware what is happening until when she later checks the saved sitting footage, during the vortex being worked and the medium transforms, the ET laser beam appears, the zap came out of the mediums knee her right one and went in the direction of the brown box on the round table in bedroom, take a look at the footage clip to see how fast it moves and it is long, purple pink in color, yet there are things appearing in the beam, still shot images are below, take a close look. video clip will be here tomorrow some time

The ET laser beam zaps from the mediums knee to the wooden box on the table,will need to look for apport in room

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