3rd May 2012 Mysterious Circle Special Sitting with Guest Sitters

It is the 3rd May 2012 and the mysterious circle sit with guest sitters Mike and Ann, Chris is also present in the room.Before everyone sat the guest sitters was made aware that they can check the seance room the medium and equipment and furniture plus cabinet in the room and laptop to rid any doubt from there minds, they was also made aware that after the sitting they can check with the medium the full saved recorded sitting to see what shows up on the visual side and audio to and still shots of the sitting can also be clearly seen being saved, those who do not do this will only leave question mark later on that they should of done this and the medium likes people to see what is there, so they know nothing fraudulent has occurred.

during the sitting Tommy spoke, Maurice the artist completed spirit world art through the medium who was in deep trance and blind folded, the sitters examined the scarf that there was no way the eyes could see through the scarf. the scarf is thick material. spirit doctor dr Jones came in and spoke to Ann and kutumbu also came in and Dr Jones translated for kutumbu what Ann needed to hear about her health, another healer later on in the sitting came in and gave healing to mike also, both Ann and mike was told further healing would be given during there sleep on the night. ET was clearly heard by  all the sitters and they spoke, Chris encouraged the ET to communicate further,there is separate audio and the same audio is on the video also,Ann was made aware of a woman stood next to her by Tommy, and the spirit art picture was named Albert and given to Ann they said you know Albert and she could take Albert. More will need to be confirmed by the guests them selves yet watch the video or listen to the audio on what happened in the sitting, phenomena was fast, so any still shot images are also added in the post so you can compare with video.

Sylvia earlier today had a disturbing email by some one who had no permission to take her pictures and have them checked by a IT professional, IT is Computers not a photo expert, and for those who have never sat with her nor she never met has classed the pictures as fakes, and so you as regulars to the site, and for those who have sat with Sylvia will know by your own opinions and experiences that Sylvia has been honest in the sittings and has given the opportunity to many people that they can see for them self what is happening during the sitting and what comes out on the saved sitting during the visit so you can see with your own eyes immediately she has not used any photo shop or any software to create the images, those who took her pictures with out permission may have tampered with her pictures to cause trouble because they have nothing else better to do than create disharmony for who ever they can. So you have heard this now. Those who have never sat with a medium never met them, do not bad mouth as you have no proof the person is a fake, and what you class as proof to call the person a fake is not worth the paper it is written on and this evidence you claim to have we will be looking forward to seeing what it supposed to be and there has not been any name mentioned of the company or researcher or IT professional named who analysed them and the may not be a valid expert just a person who claims by there own opinion to cause deliberate disharmony to spread bad gossip to get other people to victimize an individual for there own pleasure, and in our opinion, this will not end the circle, it will inspire the circle to carry on sitting and working with positive love and light.

Audio Of the ET communication transmission during the sitting, the sitters heard the ET speaking in there own voice.

Spirit world Art completed by Maurice the artist of Albert, Ann knew a albert



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