6th May 2012 Mysterious Circle Healing Sitting

It is the 6th May 2012 and it is healing night, normally healing is on a Monday yet the circle felt a need to do this today in stead for Sunday. Rather than film with 1 camera, the mobile phone was added to the sitting, it was placed on a stand with a cable tie to keep it still, the healing list was not in the room, however the medium put the healing out to people in the world and those on the list as well, giving positive energy through the vortex to them that are in great need for it. The mobile phone picked up phenomena it went from light where medium is clearly seen in the cabinet, to pitch black where only her hands could be seen. the other camera did the opposite went from light to light and picked up the phenomena and vortex, the healing was sent out to as many people it could reach through the vortex. after the sitting, the medium did a mini demonstration close up to the mobile phone so you could see her and what happens, still it shown up partial dematerialization and other phenomena, the medium is testing different camera's as regular as possible to see what is or is not getting picked up on them, and plus to see for any other explanations, and even though no other explanations can be given at this time, it is never a closed book. The circle would like more people to come forward for face to face healing, to experience the type of healing that they may never have experienced with another healer before, working with love and light is important in anything in life to bring positive hope to those who feel there is no hope left. Anything is worth trying when there is no other options, take a look below at the images from the healing sitting.



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