7th May 2012 Special Sitting MYsterioUS Circle


Phenomena in sky around sun coul it be a UFO hiding in it?

 it is the evening of 7th May 2012 and the mysterious circle sit for the special, the original sitting was to take place at jevaeux abbey yet even though the day out happened, the sitting did not take place due to the place being busy with public then rain, so this evening sitting was a sitting with Chris present, trance communication took place and ET communication also took place in the sitting, the ET transmitted there sounds as well as there voice in the sitting, Chris heard it and also made efforts to encourage the ET to speak. It is a very important time the communicators are making very hard efforts to get there signal to be heard clear and understood, and it will take time for both sides to understand each other very clearly yet there efforts of now are very much appreciated and welcomed and shall be encouraged as much as possible. There are still shot images below of what was happening to Sylvia and Chris during the sitting and will add the video and audio soon as it uploaded.The Audio to the sitting is uploaded below, Above instead of adding the sitting video for evening, the circle wanted to let you see what happend at jervaulx Abbey just before we left for home, amazing pulsating phenomena and light happens around sun? could it be a UFO near it as no sun can pulsate like this and change color in lights.



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