9th May 2012 Morning meditation sitting mysterious Circle


It is the 9th May 2012 and sylvia sits for a short meditation sitting, working the vortex also known as the (whirl pool,Whirl wind,tornado,black hole, star gate etc) so there is no confusion it is not the same vortex as standing on a energy spot and feeling it that way, this one is active like a whirl pool spinning. the star gate can be walked in to or out of and paralleled worlds or people in other worlds or dimensions including the ether self can appear from it  or go in to it,...and time travel can also be accessed from this. Science has been proving parallel worlds and time travel do exist.Communication can also be connected with it. and you may now start to see why this is just not beyond physicalmediumship there is more to it than just parallel worlds etc, which one day you will get to know more on the sitting.

It was a short sitting keeping the vortex active and helping the Ether of Sylvia also well connected, and those who are behind the gate to come in if they wish to or stay where they are, Sylvia was more focused on getting her self ready for this evenings sitting which will be some where different in the house later on. Take a look below at some of the images in how the vortex working itself in different angles. and the hands appearing and a being from behind Sylvia head in first picture has large black eyes.



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