Support Mysterious circle in October 2012 for Live Conference with Probe


Reeth school 28th march 2012

Please show your support to the mysterious circle for the conference due in October, this will be a very important big step to go public to a lot of people who will have the opportunity to hear the talk on the Sittings, the ET and spirit and there is a strong possibility the circle may be demonstrating Live and for those who have judged the circle with the words FAKE and have never sat with the circle, I am sure those who witness at the conference for them self the ET communication and anything else besides, will eat there words and I am sure they will apologise and take back the word FAKE and admit that the ET are here when they have the chance to speak directly to them face to face. So here is the link to the face book page, those who do not like the page, we respect your wishes, those who do like the page we are grateful for your support. thank you
MYsteriOUS Circle Link Click here


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