What is a Cult,What is brainwashing and Corruption?


there are those who will kill to get what they want with no regard of the people it affects

The world is full of people and other life,and everyone has an ability to be some one or something,whether to be a doctor,teacher, priest,hairdresser,the list goes on. Everyone has knowledge, everyone has gifts, every one is unique and special whether you are a good person or a bad person you all have hidden abilities gifts and talents.

when you see how the world population is mapped out each country has its own rules and regulations, people have to follow its laws that you can or cannot do something in that country, so those who live there or visit there have to follow the law of the land or face being prosecuted for breaking a law.

Why have these laws come in to "affect"?  look at the word Affect, it is designed to bring a form of control over world population that anything going out of bounds in law that is not followed, affects those who do not follow it.Affect does have a heavy burden to play on people, not being able to be fully them self, not to be free for them self and enjoy the beauty of things yet affect is infectious to embed in people to control and even using scare tactic methods to force people to follow rules regulations under law or no law has to be involved yet it over powers a person to do exactly what the law wants or the individuals or groups to who may have things in operation to convince those people to get involved with there way of thinking and seeing things.

Take for example, heavens gate, David koresh and more cults not mentioned, this is how corrupt things can be in the world, you may think you know people and you may think you can trust them, but can you trust in any one at all?
It does not matter if you are a author to a book, a religious person, a teacher, a factory worker, a hair dresser, these are just examples of jobs, where ever you go in your life to do something you find that you are working for some one in some way if not alone. Those you work under, set there rules out and say you have to do the job a certain way, do it there way, and the most obvious out of working for some one or being teached something, you as an individual is not learning by your own path to see things in the way you are to a point already, you may already be skilled and may not even be qualified yet can do the job, yet you as an individual, get told you must learn to do the job the way some one else has done it or is doing it by there methods not by any other method or standard to some one else or your own. Why are people not questioning who is right or who is wrong in what each person is thinking or feeling about seeing something as truth or not truth, who is telling the truth? are people being taught to do things to suit others so they believe that is the correct way to do it? or not?

Who is telling you the truth? who do you trust? and this is for anything that goes in the world.

Some people are vulnerable, easily led, will believe anything said to them and would not question it.
You can read books on any subject, yet are the authors speaking truth or lies?
Governments and world leaders are in power and so are others behind the scenes, yet who is controlling your whole life?

every ones identity is being taken in all ways than one, it is in all data bases, your whole life, where you lived, where you was born, what work you did, what things you own, what bad or good things you have done,who your family is, what countries you been to,what illnesses you had, what race /nationality you are,who you are married to, who you are divorced to, what shops you been to, what you buy, is that not scary that the leaders have you on the map, knowing where you are every day of the week at what time what place etc? this is happening to us all, yet why have people accepted it or allowed it to happen?

Lower class people are easily judged and made to feel there standards are not good enough because they are not on the rich list or are not very well educated not the right nationality to fit in yet if you have a secret identity that fits exactly to those in power and you do not need to be rich, if you are one of them in secret identity then you get in get looked after, certainly nothing bad will happen to you.

why do you think, when a baby is born in to the world, the moment it is here it is being tested immediately to see if anything is wrong with the babies health, some times it is not all about health, other things come in to it parents do not always realize or think about.

why are extra fingers and toes and other odd ailments looked for or any other signs that may not be a concern yet are looked for.

CULTS are in every-thing every day of the week, and peoples biggest cult is MONEY and POWER  and MATERIAL and anything a person can get you to buy or believe in, they will do it, even if they thought it was putting your whole life at risk, so think about what you are getting involved in everyday of the week from your own home, to people you know or not know because the CULT is all around you and has been there for time, people easily can believe a doctors diagnosis for an illness, does not mean the doctor has diagnosed you correctly, things have been known to go wrong with health issues, and why be told what to eat and what not to eat, why be told inject this in your body it is safe, years later you learn it was not safe yet you was tricked in to having it put in your body, you never get the full ingredient what is in the medicen's or the food, and if you dare ask WHY it is like you are committing a crime for daring to ask, and you never get a direct honest answer, nothing is safe MAN MADE material and FOODS are not safe, LIFE is not something to take for granted, follow your own instincts, if something feels wrong just leave it well alone, and do not believe everything others say to you, they may not be telling you the truth they may just be out to gain something for them self with no regard in how it affects you.

There are lots of things i could say further on this yet for now will stop there. There are signs that can be spotted that i will cover in the next right up.

why is the site on the internet luring young kids in to satan? and that is a CULT and there are worse out there
Joy Of Satan

All religions can Be seen as CULT no matter the name whether good or Bad it still a CULT

Sylvia Howarth
MYsterioUS Circle



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