10th June 2012 Ether higher self of sylvia appears in parallel world sitting mysterious circle

it is the 10th June 2012 in the evening and mysterious circle sit upstairs in the bedroom for parallel world connection experiment, the sitting involves the awareness of sylvia not being in any trance or meditation state,the sitting was based on the spirit that was appearing in the cabinet near the camera stand, which drew her attention to film what she was seeing forming, it was not on a strong level of seeing yet the connection was coing in at times fading then coming in again clearer.as the filming is taking place  much more happens the ether self of Sylvia appears on the camera screen in which she seen in the viewer. Even though the ether self was near by her, it did move, Sylvia has no twin sisters,this is her ether that walks with her in her life of now and can connect with other dimensions in the universe,peoples ether do walk with them or interact with other dimension of others where ever they are in universe. This is an example of how close people are to there ether and what it can do. Take a look below at the snap shot images of the ether self. We may add the footage soon.

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