11th June 2012 Mysterious Circle morning sitting, the ET show the Door to other Dimensions and there higher Being

from time 21:19 you will see the ether dimension face being touched yet the earth face is not being touched even though it is happening same time

it is the morning of 11th June 2012 and even though sylvia felt nothing was going to happen or go ahead with the sitting this morning, something amazing happened, Sylvia plugged her camera in to her very small TV, the TV had no channels and had nothing else plugged in to it to bring a picture, the screen was left blank only the camera was able to be seen through tv, what the camera picked up, was the transmission of ET bringing in there special ball of light wihich formed multi dimemsions in which is like an enterance for other life forms to come through even spirit, or even she can go through, sylvia's awareness in this sitting is alert, not in trance and not meditating yet she speaks of the dimensions, and using caution to not cause any sudden harm to the ET beings light that has its own mind and life within it sent from the universe for this special demonstration sitting yet things have to be taken at steady levels as too much to fast can be too much for any one to handle. Yesterday on the 10th June 2012 a spirit formed in the seance cabinet it's energy was coming in and fading yet can be seen, the spirit facial movements clear to see yet it did not get up and walk around, sylvia's ether appeared strong and was looking in opposite directions at times to sylvia, today the ether gets touched on face yet sylvia's face is not being touched at same time, this you will see in the video when it is added, the hands go beyond infinity the face to yet faces the same way as sylvia is in this dimension different to yesterday, we can not disclose too much too you on this for very important reasons, yet in the way ET and spirit work, they are doing remarkable things that are not to be ignored.

Images below: It is always a good idea to look carefully at each picture or even video, sometimes things can appear and it can be fast



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