12th June 2012 Mysterious Circle Healing Night Special through Dimensions involving ET and Ether

it is the evening of the 12th June 2012 and mysterious circle sit for Healing, it is a day late yet is worth the wait. Sylvia reads out the healing list and includes people in the world to the list whom ever they are in need of healing  or helped to be healed if the spirit healers, spirit doctors, spirit surgeons and ET can help them, the ET special light being worked very hard on this healing and is continuing it through the night,  during the sitting whilst Sylvia speaks of the healing and the dimension and ether, there are times Sylvia's higher ether selves are doing opposite things to her at times yet during in  the sitting other faces appear from the other dimensions and surround the ET beings light, at times other colours appear showing the healing is taking place to be sent to those in the healing list and in the world, it will take some time getting used to what you will see in the saved sitting footage once it is uploaded and added to this post, yet if you look at the pictures below the still shots from the footage you will get an idea what is going on in multi dimensional state. The higher ET being can become many things and can bring in things from other worlds, it can do things we would not even think of, one day you will see far more than you are seeing now, the healing was done this way this evening as a one of yet next healing sitting will be as we normally sit, yet we need to show you what can occur to ether of any one who is fit and well and who is not,soon as the video is added take a look at what happens in the healing sitting.Some of Sylvia's resources was used for this healing to show like a vacuum cleaner cleans dirt off a carpet, how the healing energy can suck out the bad energy and put the good back in to help a person recover from there illness. complicated to put in to words, seeing is better.

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