13th June 2012 Mysterious Circle morning sitting multi dimensional ether



It is the morning of 13th June 2012and sylvia sits for morning session of working with the Ether on multi scale, during the test a man appears in the chair near the grandmother clock, many dimensional states of the ether of sylvia appear taller yet go continuous on to the infinity point yet not all do the same things fully as the earth body of sylvia, 3 different filmings took place however 2 video will be added to this post for you to see, other worlds on another level made attempt to cross in between the sitting slightly different to may sitting, this is not the same as ITC or EVP transcommunication, working with parallel worlds, time travel, outer universe,spirit and ET can appear similar yet are on a different scale again, the Physicalmediumship point is not the same, as mediums are mainly using ectoplasm or new energy for sitting, the Vortex that sylvia has been born with is in her, one day it will be revealed further what this form of sitting is she does, things can be brought from other worlds not just spirit in to the sitting, and as mentioned in other posts past present and future and other things besides, Take a look below for now at this mornings images of the special sitting of multi dimension connection taking place.

Recent Update:
sometimes sceptics can assume how they think something has been done and remark those words yet can turn it in to a debate, and when some one thinks they know how you did something, putting that person who a sceptic under a test to see if they are right or wrong can be another thing getting that sceptic to do it, some one thinks mysterious circle used  3 cameras to do this dimension sitting, we know only 1 camera was used.....our words in reply to any sceptic who thinks they know how something has been done, rather than judge some ones work, demonstrate your claims how you think it has been done, to see what can be proved or not. it is easy to judge people,yet rather than cause disharmony to any ones work, prove to that individual how you see there work has been done.sceptics can  preach however actions speak louder than words, and one day mysterious circle will be taking up James Randi challenge.



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