17th June 2012 MYsterioUS Circle Special sitting with guest Sitters Rob and Paul,Chris

17th June 2012 Special healing sitting with Guest sitters Rob and Paul, Chris is present also.opening prayer was said by chris, and Chris spoke with communicators that also spoke through trance communication through sylvia, and those who came through by them self through the ET transmission,some ET language is difficult to understand, Rob received  special healing from the healing team and doctors, plus he received  a spirit world art drawing from the artist Maurice, below the picture is wrote father John Sloan which was addressed in the sitting as ( the father Of John Sloan) the spirit drawing can be found at the bottom of this page, Paul did not receive healing  yet he did experience things going on that he could see in front of him whilst talking to Chris, ET communicated in the transmission,  Paul heard a drum which resembled an Indian drum being played, the Connection in the Dining room area where Chris usually sits for his physical mediumship was more stronger this evening near the fire place than it be in the cabinet.during the healing of Rob his ether appears fast then gone, a still shot of this image is below in the images section of this post, his earth face appears whiter, the levels of the healing was strong so this should be doing some good. for those of you who know Rob pictured below receiving healing, will be able to ask him directly what he thought of the healing and the spirit world drawing, and same for Paul, who has sat with mysterious circle before, the video can not be posted up as there are very personal messages in the sitting that are only meant for those it is for, some times sittings can be shared of full video, this one is too personal for sitters to be shared any where else. It is advised, to speak to the sitters on there experience directly on what the sitting meant for them. It has been a very pleasant sitting for all who attended.

Rob receiving healing from spirit healers and doctors

Rob's ether appears looking on at the medium as rob earth self looking at camera and he is whiter in appearance, during the healing sitting

Spirit world art of John Sloan father Artist Maurice, Mysterious circle



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