18th June 2012 Mysterious Circle morning sitting Parallel worlds crossing

Part2 below which contains fire and water
 18th June 2012 Mysterious Circle demonstrate two different forms of parallel worlds, the ether and the worlds that can appear different to our own, those that are the same as our own are similar in appearing like the ether, yet there are numerous amounts of parallel worlds that are at different levels and dimensions, that can go beyond your imagination, whether it is based on spirit, other life forms of existence or those already alive somewhere are all interlinking at different rates at the same time.It is a complicated subject to put in simple explaining yet your everyday waking up once you have slept is your reality of what your day will be like, and for some one else in another dimension can either be doing the same things as you to a point until it changes after so many multis if it is ether based, those that are not ether based as your own ether will be still connecting and crossing in to your dimension whether your eyes see it or not you can still be walking through each other sharing the same space or spot or maybe not, today was based on the ether to begin with doing a task and that task being picked up somewhere in another spot at the same time, and how the earth person can put there own hand in there own ether e.t.c the next parallel world demonstration was with the links to past or present and future yet showing those who are not connected to the medium can appear in the dimension she is in even though the eye can or can not detect it is there or not there, awareness plays an important part in how you sense things going on around you as a person, Sylvia spoke of feelings how we can feel towards things whether we physically feel pain by another dimension crossing in to us or not and how we can detect what our own body is going through, natural disasters, material things of any kind how they can appear and be noticed or not noticed, yet can a parallel world experience be mistaken for spirit or apparition? that shall be talked about later on in further demonstrations. What affects you in this life can be affecting you some where else in another life, this is why it is important how you treat each other in life as it can affect your other lives in other places in other worlds besides the one you are in already. that again will be another subject to cover further in more demonstrations.

Take a look below at fire, water, and men that appear in some of the images, will added the video to this post for you to see they are uploading as this post is being written.

hand appearing through chair behind sylvia, her own hand has reformed

sylvia's ether self appears larger in front her earth self, changes showing of her nose to



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