19th June 2012 MYsterioUS Circle Morning Sitting Connecting with ET Higher Light Being


It is the morning of 19th June 2012 and for a short time sylvia sits connecting with the ET higher light being, with in the blue light forms a white light which at times shows a pure light angel with wings, and a few other's of holy form in white robes, the blue light becomes many forms of it's own choice bringing in the door it's own pulsating life in how it moves, the ether of sylvia is also seen, the blue becomes like a triangle with out the bottom yet it has its life like movement moving and reforming in many forms, take a look at the images below of the still shots form the sitting, the video is included also, and even though sylvia is ill, she asked them for healing, there will be times you may want to pause film to see the et in blue next to sylvias face bringing in its own face.



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