22nd June 2012 ET transmission communication Mysterious circle meditation sitting

[starttext] It is the evening of the 22nd June 2012 mysterious circle sit for meditation to relax nothing more, Sylvia wanted to connect in the meditation state then go in to astral, yet to a point she got in to the meditation however got no further to astral,during the sitting communication came in from the ET and spirit in there own direct voice which is available for you to hear in this post, the sitting stopped abruptly around 19 minutes yet in the 19 minutes you can here the communication from the ET transmission coming in,you may recognise words being said and some words you may not understand, there efforts from other worlds are special when they can get through to speak, this is important mysterious circle keeps in regular contact with the ET and spirit communications as this is a must for helping each other understand what is happening in each others locations and gaining further understanding and helping each other get a better link and knowing more what is happening in each others lives, when Sylvia was meditating she did not speak, during before the meditation began she spoke a short time explaining she is sitting for meditation then going in to astral then in between her communication ET speak with her to.
take a listen to the audio below.

only 5 mins may play will get full version on soon as



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