23rd June 2012 Mysterious Circle Capture Parallel world dimension of chris ether and other

It is the very late evening of 23rd June 2012, be and although chris had sat this evening for his portany circle of physical mediumship, all his guest sitters went home,and it was now time to go to sleep, whilst chris and sylvia was in the bedroom and talking sylvia glimpsed something happening to chris which inspired her to grab her mobile phone camera at first, she began filming what she was seeing and telling chris what she seeing yet realised the mobile camera was not clear picture to see this, so she got her expensive camera out and filmed with that and got a very clear picture, the footage shows chris going through parallel world dimension, yet his ether appears then changes take place where the 2 faces in one become different again, the hot spot where chris was sat picked up another dimension of a person appearing through chris yet chris face and chris ether do not stay looking like him it changes, take a look at the video above and the images below to see what is happen to chris, this is not transfigration yet appears similar, it is another dimension moving in to him to appear, the black lines are the objects from another dimension also appearing (c)copyright 2012 sylvia howarth mysterious circle all rights reserved http://www.mysteriouscircle.com

Chris hair appears longer here yet his hair at time of filming is lot shorter



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