24th June 2012 mysterious circle sitting meditation ball white light appears and spirit faces in cabinet


it is the late evening of 24th June 2012 mysterious circle sit for meditation, Sylvia was just relaxing, was not focusing on anything in particular of sitting yet asked those in spirit and ET and any other life form of existence to appear if they wish or communicate, during the time Sylvia is meditating in the cabinet a ball of white light that is live is close by her, and it is seen already in the cabinet before Sylvia arrives in it and when she finishes meditating, the remarkable part of the sitting was the faces appearing in the top left corner of inner cabinet in a mild mist form of light and a female face appears not strong as it could of been in appearance yet is forming, some times faces was faintly appearing in the white ball of light,some images has been posted up for now for you to look at below of the ladies face and the white ball of light near Sylvia.

Images: more images will be added and video



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