25th June 2012 Mysterious Circle Sittings update

Leslie Flint 

This week will be a very special sitting which will involve the parallel worlds dimension,spirit world art and healing yet it will be directly connecting with the ET spirit and other life forms and what they wish to share, this will not be like anything else, past few weeks Leslie flints picture the one that was drawn back at the old house has been falling continuous every day so many times a day off the display, and this morning the art work pastel chalks too fell down, so i think this is a sign more spirit world art needs to come in yet I feel it will be different in how the spirit world art has been coming in previous times, soon as the conditions are correct for sitting this will be started this week, as for today it will be special healing sitting taking place there is a possibility the spirit healers and doctors may want to do something bigger than they usually would do, if not today it will be on another healing night, check the site this evening for the special healing sitting post


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