25th June 2012 Mysterious Circle Special Healing sitting


It is the evening of 25th June 2012, healing night special,the healing list was not read out yet it was spoken how important it is that the healing goes out to all the people on the healing list, and to those in the world who may not of requested any healing yet to help them also and that includes people who are going through negative emotions of all kinds, a special important request on a very strong high level of urgency was sent out to Maggie who has gone through a very tragic ordeal recently and this has been a time of sadness for her as much as those who love her, it was asked of the spirit and ET to help her and also help her pet dog through the transition in to the spirit world safely. soon as all words was spoken, Sylvia sat in the seance cabinet and went in to a deep altered state of conciousness to allow those in the spirit world the healers,doctors and surgeons to work through her, the glass dome and crystals was on the table near the cabinet, yet the most amazing thing about this evenings sitting was how the camera was moved away from showing the crystals on the table to pointing to the opposite side of the room towards the art utensils and the ornaments which includes a dog on the mantle piece, there are 2 dogs one at each end of the mantle piece yet Maggie has 2 dogs in the spirit world, what was even more surprising is there is a picture of Chris guide on the mantle piece which is next to the dog, as the sitting later on was played back, the face of the guide changes, it's eyes open and close and the face features expressions also move as though showing contentment towards the dog. Whilst Sylvia is in the cabinet, it may appear not much is happening yet every now and then faces appear and go,the vortex shows up strong on her hands, other hands appear, her face also at times go through changes, the Et spoke, yet the signal was weak this evening for them to be fully heard clear. there is an important message for Maggie here, comfort is with her dogs, and the spirit want her to know they are together and being well looked after in the other world, take a look below at some images from the sitting. Not all images have been added.




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