25th June 2012 Mysterious Circle Parallel Worlds Dimension Present Late Evening Connecting outdoors in doors to Chris

Part 1 Above


Part 2 video below

 It is the late evening of 25th June 2012, just before sleep time, sylvia checks the parallel world dimension level, this tme it is different to the level for 23rd jun e 2012, what you will see is the ether in how it is connecting with chris in one set of pictures and video with only a building from outside involved, the 2nd lot of pictures you will see are those involving the out doors coming indoors with chris, the footage is not very long as chris wass tired he wanted to go to bed and sleep,so it meant just filming what mysterious circle could,sylvia was very excited about what was appearing and knows more filming on parallel worlds dimensions will need to be continued, public who may or may not of experienced anything like this before will one day get to sit this way with the mysterious circle and what ever the connection is to past present or future will be an experience in itself, what appears from outdoors in with chris is buildings lights and cars the full works, yet the bedroom will have appeared tge reverse out doors that will be a filming to take place to show you how that works as well as the impossible of other things in other locations appearing in other places. take a look at both video 2 of them and images below.

     Images 1:  chris Ether plus building appears

      Images 2:  chris and the outdoors are  indoors cars buildings and lights etc



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