27th June 2012 Parallel World Dimension Present Mysterious circle sitting

it is the evening of 27th June 2012 mysterious circle demonstrate parallel world dimension sitting which is in 4 parts, 4 separate video clips in what happens,the spirit guides that appeared firstly stepped back they did not want to be filmed yet other phenomena occurs, it was not the best night for sitting yet the light conditions was poor in some of the video footage. will be doing another test demonstration sitting again some time this week, for now take a look at video, and view still shot images of the sitting.In part 1 video you will see clearly a white building, this building exists it is the present day sitting however in the side of the building you will see me appear, at the time of filming some of the Oriental guides stepped back they did not want to be on the recording yet where the ET bring in this amazing phenomena and others from other places or buildings etc. can be a great moment to witness when you see it happening, or not it appears on the recording, the white building is near my house over the road yet in distance Sylvia appears in the side of it, part 2 Sylvia appears within the top of the building, in part 3 and part 4 some of the others appear over Sylvia's face, the eyes are very different to her own plus head shape the downside the lighting was not the best to see the faces clearly coming in even though audio wise Sylvia can be heard talking, past present and future all have a role to play in our lives, and even though past can be seen as been and forgotten, it is still very much alive some where waiting to re appear.Part 4 has a slight future to it in how the face is picking up visual images within it.


  Images part1:

     Images part2:

     Images part3:

    Images part4:



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