28th June 2012 mysterious circle morning sitting with parallel world dimension

It is the morning of 28th June 2012 mysterious circle demonstrate the connection of past, present and future whether something has happened already or not how the link can become around people in which place,location, time and whether connected or not to some one it can appear even from a range of distances that are not easy to just get to. The way dimensions work in the parallel sense whether it be people, animals, nature, material things car houses etc. will have it's imprint in those dimensions and parallel worlds, and can be if allowed access to can be seen, just like the aura holds your life's history so do these worlds of other dimensions, below there are images of the short sitting, there was not a lot of time to keep this connection going as life demands are important to, the light quality was not good, the weather outside was very dull and it rained, and just a morning of rush hours, take a look at the video above, whether some one is living or dead and whether known or not to you, those people or places can still appear at any time any where. Enjoy




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