5th June 2012 MYsterioUS Circle Returning Soon


25th May 2012 Parallel world and dimension s (time travel)example Break through sitting

Even though since 27th May 2012, things have been up and down since the break through, as public misread information to do with a report written by Chris about there part of the sitting in Sweden circle in Sweden, credit was going to that circle and Chris and the mysterious circle at the time was being classed as not anything to do with the sitting at all, now even though public can believe what they wish in who did what, the ET and spirit team that work with mysterious circle have made an important announcement to Sylvia that very soon, she is going to be sitting again however things will be cranked up a bit since the 27th may break through,so the spirit team and ET have decided that the mysterious circle are sitting again soon and will crank up the sitting a little more since Chris appeared in the sitting last time we sat, not sure what day this is happening, watch the main site for updates. however there will be no circle's sitting with the mysterious circle again like before when chris appeared as it is dangerous to living peoples ether there may be in the future another demonstration of this, not yet.Past present and future are interlinked and is part of your life's history and records when accessed it can be seen by higher sources only, not meant for people to snoop in to for wrongful reasons, laws of life in universe have to be followed.


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