10th July 2012 mysterious circle morning parallel world dimension sitting


it is the morning of 10th July 2012 and the parallel world door is open and in action, it moves at a pulsing speed yet it can do anything in letting in other life from other worlds in the universe or outer, whether living or dead, past, present or future or combined it can show and share many wonders that only ones imagination can think on, the ether of Sylvia appears way in front of her and changes form and color, and bit later a male appears, these different doors in the dimension worlds are special, you got to know what you are doing to enter them  as it is very important, you will get all kinds of life forms and they have all levels of emotion even to depths you may never have experienced your self before, some dimension sittings can not go public as it is to dangerous to allow anyone to witness its full power in operation can affect people in different ways, and it is highly sensitive the dimensions how it can extend to grand levels, yet small doses of the parallel worlds used safely can be wonderful to experience, below are so me pictures, you will see examples of the parallel world door this is only one there are more and not all the same, and how it scans and moves.


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