11th July 2012 Mysterious Circle special Sitting ET appear and other life form from universe

Part 1 Video above Part 2 Video Below:

It is the early evening of 11th July 2012 and it is a night of surprises one the mysterious circle was not expecting,firstly ET appeared and during the time the ET is appearing and forming it was also bringing in its transmission of parallel world however sadly the world transmission did not fully come in it got partly disrupted,yet the ET stayed as much as it could on the connection appearing from its parallel world dimension link to show it self, it was not an easy time for mysterious circle to film the ET as it was a time of obstacles occurring to halt filming at times.Yet the ET persisted it did not give up and all its body was forming full head body to the point it could go to yet enough to be seen the way it wanted to be seen, the second part of filming was another visitor looked futuristic from universe the way it was dressed and looked like a male in appearance could be wrong. the link was hard to keep with this one,the gate way was open moving fast and it was holding as much as it could to be seen to the point it could show it self and it moved from one spot to another, the voices have not been heard yet they are working on getting the communication in once they are happy full visual is clear to see them. Sylvia spoke about what is happening what can be seen face to face in dimensions sittings and sometimes how face to face can not always be seen of dimensions and there are reasons why it can happen like that some times. it has been a remarkable evening yet the ET are at this time working on bringing in people who are connected to others here on earth, such as those who sent in requests to see there loved ones again, this the ET are working on to bring in people you may know and others you do not know, there is no given time they will appear yet one day they will. take a look at the images below of this evenings parallel world sitting and video will be added soon.

Images of futuristic looking person from universe: 

Images of ET: different species 



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