1st July 2012 Mysterious Circle parallel world dimensions Sitting, Guest Rob Experiences


it is the evening of 1st July 2012 and rob as guest sitter experiences parallel world dimensions with mysterious circle, Sylvia puts her camera and robs camera both on recording what takes place as rob is sat and seeing the changes taking place, he sits with his eyes closed as the sitting progresses yet eyes appear open at times from the others that appear, there have been in the 2 days female faces and male appearing through rob, what appears tonight in this sitting was the blue light that is not ectoplasm not new energy it is a newer higher rare level of what is happening with rob, confirmation of this blue had to be shown to him to get him to see the blue that has appeared in his sittings are real. The faces that show up on rob the hair lengths that appear with the people are longer haired different colour and the build of the persons can be larger or smaller, the faces can be older and younger, this other phenomena shown in video part 2 is what appears through rob's face moving like a symbol of light or writing it goes out his nose and moth then alters direction and size then goes away, part of Chris appears in the sitting for a short time in back ground, the altered states of dimensions how they cross over and become how they do in different points is amazing and what happened to rob is very amazing, take a look at both the video and the pictures below, enjoy.
Part 2 Rob Video:

Images Rob:

rob (C)copyright image of rob himself



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