2nd July 2012 mysterious circle sitting Chris experiences the time shift in parallel world dimension


It is the evening of 2nd July 2012 and mysterious circle demonstrate the parallel worlds time shift, Sylvia asks Chris to sit in the chair, to look on and see that at that moment there is daylight which is altering to darkness of night, now what your about to see happen to Chris who is sat in the chair is the out doors which a wall, leaves, a sign, lights appear through Chris, yet Chris almost looks like his head is part wall and part leaves also due to the time shift crossing over two dimensions at same time, his altered state of his body and his mind are becoming entwined with the realities going on around him in the switching over, as the wall and leaves etc begin to change it fades yet the indoors begin to slowly appear, yet Chris body, his face go through changes in this process in the 27 minutes of filming, the camera at the beginning is not easily seen, yet as the switch over of time alters in the parallel world dimensions the camera begins to appear at the back of Chris, picture on wall and clock, even Sylvia, to how you see how something begins to how it ends is a huge difference, this has been seen face to face, the camera has been used to record what is happening the time it is being seen by the eye. Take a look at the video and have a look at some the pictures below from the video to get an idea how time and parallel worlds work when seeing it happening. Chris went through a very big change to point other faces appeared later in the sitting, the double looking point is the ether of everything in its appearance that during the switching over taking place is happening, the ET have been for a very long time showing Sylvia over the years how things are working in ways that people seem to blind them selves to in not looking, yet this world is like a multi world of different times and places combined rolled in to one playing at same time or different levels to each other, this is a reality that is there, and is happening every day any time in universe. Soon as Video uploaded will add to this post




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