30th June 2012 Mysterious Circle invites Guest Sitters to witness parallel world dimension

Paul Part1 video Above

It is the evening of 30th June 2012 and it is a special time for guest sitters to witness parallel world dimensions face on in the mysterious circle, present is rob, Paul and also Chris, all conditions was in light so all can be seen. Sylvia spoke of parallel worlds how there are different levels and doorways in to different realities of existence, and even though reflections can be mistakenly seen as just a reflection at a glimpse of an eye, it is what goes beyond that point of the dimensions building up, how it builds in day time conditions as well as night time, not all parallel world dimensions work exactly the same way all the time, there are those on levels that are completely different in how they can appear or be there as you walk in to them, the face to face dimension sitting that Paul, rob and Chris sat in was to give them the chance to see with there own two eyes it exists and what happens to them in the sitting and how everything changes and appears from where it was originally some where else, and to see who appears on there own faces or body and to see ether there was lots they witnessed and seen and whilst they was seeing it the camera was recording it as it was happening, there are 6 video in this post, 2 for Paul, 2 for rob, 2 for Chris and are placed in each section where the images for each persons name is, you can view the video in each section of this post where each persons name and images are below, and you can hear what is being said as well as see what is going on, what a person sees with there own two eyes happening is no camera trick or effect etc as there is nothing to cause this natural occurance to happen and in ways the ET can bring in many things in special ways, what is recorded of this parallel world dimension is wonderful, and for those who can appear from other dimensions to be seen or locations of buildings etc. is remarkable in how they appear where they may not belong, take a look at what happens to Paul, rob and Chris in there experience of parallel world dimension face to face.



Paul Part 2:

Paul Images:

paul Beaumont (c)copyright image to paul

Rob Images:

Rob Video Part 1

 Rob Video part 2

Rob Murray (c)copyright image is Robs

Chris Images:

Chris Video Part 1

Chris Video part2

chris howarth



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