4th July 2012 Morning Sitting Mysterious Circle Communication with ET


It is morning.of 4th July 2012 and for the country america, independence day, something all people in world remember very well. this morning Sylvia felt it was very important to talk with ET and make them aware of how she was feeling about different individuals of people who have never met Sylvia in person nor sat with her that are in the back ground speaking awful comments about the ET work and spirit work yet making accusations to cause disharmony to say there is faker going on and cheating.
When those people have never been anywhere near her,what right do they have to judge another person, so the conversation with the ET was about this and what should be done about it. so the audio has been added to this post for this morning for anyone to listen to, and hear the ET in there own language and voice speak and Sylvia to, at times the communication may sound hard to understand other times you can understand, for those who create karma it does go back to that person/s that started it and it will pay those back who judge without showing any kind of evidence to prove there claims, the mysterious circle are also aware of certain people that have been downloading and tampering with pictures and video to deliberately cause disharmony to the circle, yet those who have been doing it will not get away with it, you may think at this time in your life you will not get caught or no one will find out it is you, ET will find you out very quickly and already know who you are, so be warned, the circle is not out for disharmony and trouble, yet those who want trouble for them, will land them self in it one way or the other, and when things back fire it will hit you hard like a brick, so show some respect, give up on the trouble causing, if you do not like the mysterious circle sittings, do not go to the site looking, keep away, and find something that is more you. And let those who enjoy coming here enjoy it in peace.

thank you

sylvia   Mysterious circle


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