6th July 2012 Mysterious circle special Parallel world Dimension sitting with guest sitter Paul and chris

Part 1 video above of paul all other video below
Paul Video Part 2

Chris Video part 3

Sylvia video part 4

Sylvia and paul video part 5:

Parallel world in kitchen part 6:

It is the 6th July 2012 and mysterious circle have a guest sitter spend a full day with them, and during the full day it was a day of communication and preparation for parallel world dimension sitting yet  this one was a bit different, Chris and Paul sat earlier together in the parallel world dimension seated next to each other and the phenomena was there yet the power was not strong enough to show due to Sylvia struggling with the link yet it was not fully ready to begin, yet they both went in to trance and communication came through both of them.The Weather conditions shown up clearly in all parallel world dimension connections as well as the changes taking place in all atmosphere Paul got touched on his big toe... and things began to appear further to Paul Chris and Sylvia and they could see and feel things happening around them. when Sylvia got the link on Paul during the time the crossing over was taking place his head had a building of windows and lights going through him at the same time a picture going through him, the inside and outside was combining, the weather conditions to yet Paul was being transformed, his head was becoming more futuristic looking as Paul is looking transparent part de materialized as the process takes place. part of his head appeared like a robot or helmet shape in appearance like a welders helmet at one point yet more futuristic and alive.
Chris had a building of a mansion appear with black gates and black pillar to it and its own ground of light with weather conditions, it combined in to the present day with Chris who sat in the corner of room near fireplace, as Chris is side on facing this mansion he is doing his own thing yet the building with window appearing clearer to see appears, and this went to a stage something was happening Chris got up at the wrong time and the link got affected slightly so Sylvia rushed over to where Chris was sitting to get the link back strong till Chris returned to his seat, as the sitting went on Sylvia found the next dimension world link coming in and found there was these white long things like candle sticks but are not in room and a window appearing near the door entrance over the crutches Chris had when he hurt his foot weeks back, some phenomena was building up strong so the link was worked with a bit longer with Sylvia then Paul and Sylvia sitting in that area sensing what was happening as Paul was seeing things happening visually what he picked up on not far from him. as the link was there Sylvia felt another dimension appearing and went to it, 2 cars emerged in the room so she sat where the cars was appearing and kept with the link while the camera filmed what was going on, there was a lot going on in the parallel world sitting yet Leslie flint will be the next special sitting the ET have prompted Sylvia to do in the mysterious circle another time, watch out for that one.Just before Sylvia went to bed she went in to the kitchen area, and noticed a very strong parallel world dimension connection already taking place, so she filmed it in action taking place, then she went to bed to sleep when her gust sitter Paul had already gone home.
take a look below at the still shot images from the recorded sittings, video will be added soon.

chris (c)copyright image is chris
paul (c)copyright image is pauls

    Images: Paul building  picture lights and futuristic robot or welding helmet over paul head weather conditions

    Images Sylvia and Paul: window long white poles weather conditions


    Images Sylvia: 2 cars and gate weather conditions

    Images Chris mansion lights gate pillar window weather conditions

     Images Kitchen: Parallel world dimension connection taking place 



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