8th July 2012 mysterious circle morning connecting outdoor parallel world dimension

SPECIAL SITTING Part 1 Video above Part 2 ,3,4,5,6 Video Below
it is the morning of 8th July 2012 and the parallel world dimension connection was very strong so Sylvia felt no matter how busy it is outside she felt the urge to film what she was seeing happening around her, chris was outside fixing his car whilst travellers in the area was appearing all round the place and plenty cars parking up to, in natural conditions mysterious circle morning of filming the parallel worl dimensions in action  the switching over in natural light out side, people and there ether walk as well as the odd person walks with spirit beside them, the place combines with places opposite or far away from each other whether it in same area or from another location else where the range the dimension brought things together combined at times in ways that are mind blowing, vehicles parked became dimensioned in ether point with buildings to, yet people was appearing going through things of material and coming out other end walking in one dimension into another, there are 6 video in all in this post to watcch all different in parallel world connection yet remarkable in how the crossing over in natural day light conditions can become on a scale people just do not realise in there own awareness how things are changing continuous around them self and others as they do there daily routines, amongst the dimension levels of many kinds there are others from other worlds places and time that may not appear human or may be similar yet they too can appear, and whether it is beyond the universe or on the same planet or a multi dimensional planet it will show up in other worlds or places or in there own zone at any time it wishes to appear, it is advisable whilst watching each video in the post to every now and then pause and look closely to the detail of what is going on, there are still shot images below to get an idea of some of the changes in dimensions taking place, every day and not just every day each second plays an important role to the dimensions switching in to other eras and times, look at how people are becoming more stuck in there daily lives of material not realising that there reality is this ,what they ignore in there minds to look at every day and this is there for any one to see. 2 different camera filmed today, the more expensive one and other one that has not been used in a long time that used to be for filming at old location in earlier days of 2011.
Part 1 Video above Part 2 ,3,4,5,6 Video Below

Part 3 Video

part 4 Video

Part 5 Video

Part 6 video

    Images below:
    Video Part1 images

    Video Part2 images

   Video images Part 3

    Images video part 4

    Images video part 6

   Images Video part 5


    Video not posted for pictures below



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