mysterious circle ask you Who would you like to see appear in the parallel world dimension sitting?

21st June 2012 parallel world Dimension sitting mysterious circle

21st June 2012 parallel world Dimension sitting mysterious circle

mysterious circle are currently putting a big list of people together on people living or deceased and they are requests to who would like to see some one again, and the idea behind the list is, to help bring in these people through the parallel world dimension sittings, this big experiment will be taking place soon, possibly may begin this evening, and it will go on to the time it can go on for, the mysterious circle are aiming to get as many people to appear as we can, and those who are listed have free will to appear or not appear, these sittings will be special, and those appearing through the parallel world dimension the mysterious circle will never have seen or met before, only you will recognise your requested person you asked about seeing again, so watch out for the big experiment launching and all updates will be posted up on the main site any break through that have occurred successfully.You can send your requests in any time to me.


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