15th August 2012 Mysterious Circle Sitting with Special guest Maggie Hahn and Chris

It is the evening of the 15th August 2012, and special guest Maggie who is staying for a month with Sylvia and Chris has her first experience sitting with mysterious circle in light conditions, not the dark.Chris is also present, before the sitting begins Maggie is asked to check out the room and Sylvia, plus Maggie gets to sit near Sylvia at the cabinet, Chris sits next to Maggie. Before the sitting begins the ET speak, Sylvia already spoke with ET before Chris and Maggie enters the room, during the sitting the ET was still speaking,And Maggie and Chris interact with the ET and the spirit communicators, the energy was very strong in the room that it was moving in to Maggie and Chris as well as Sylvia. Healing and spirit world art took place during the time sitting takes place, Tommy and Kutumbu Spoke through Sylvia whilst she was entranced yet other spirit and ET came through in there own direct voice in the room.Maggie and Chris will be the ones to verify all what happened, the Scarlett pimpernel picture was completed by the artist Maurice who channelled through Sylvia's entranced body, blind folded, which Maggie did check the scarf before hand that there was no way to see through any of the material. Below is images from the sitting, and Audio from the sitting, the video has not yet been uploaded yet it will be added to the post, take a listen to the sitting and glimpse at pictures of Maggie and chris receiving healing and the spirit world art being done by Maurice.Enjoy



The Scarlette pimpernel In Disguise, Maurice The Artist Completed through Sylvia completely blindfolded and in very deep trance in which after the sitting she was very sick



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