23rd August 2012 Mysterious Circle Special Visit to Bolton Castle


It is the 23rd August 2012 and just by chance the mysterious circle have a chance to visit Bolton castle, during the visit many parallel world dimension hot spots was becoming visible which wanted to be activated to open up past present and future of those other worlds and places to appear, the visit became a short visit due to unexpected circumstances, yet what has been captured for what few rooms in the castle has shown parallel world dimension gateways, the mysterious circle will be going back there to do a full investigation in the place, this castle is active, and has lots to share, and it is a huge place to work with. During filming, there was no sunlight beaming through any open windows which had no glass in, the light did not reflect in the room, what happened in  each room, when  Sylvia hit a spot the parallel link became active and became a blue energy mass with other colour forming,If she was able to stay connected without the links being broken these parallel world doors would open up, a man appeared through one of these doors his head clearly seen breaking through the force field then he goes away, each room built vast amounts of the dimension link which is very active. Some phenomena you will see you may say is light giving off light, it is not the light from light nor a window beaming light, when it spills out it spills to the point it will manifest what it will bring through. Take a look at the images below of the connection of parallel dimension energy field door in the rooms. and will add a caption for the mans face appearing through the parallel world dimension gateway below.

Face appearing through the parallel world dimension gateway 



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