5th August 2012 Mysterious Circle parallel World Sitting and ET Light in Woods

It is the 5th August 2012, the evening time, back at the cabin in France, whilst children are asleep mysterious circle did some filming near by, before it got dark, phenomena appeared on the cabin across the road on the roof top and in wood, movement of transparency and colour was seen, yet faces and full bodies at times appeared on the roof top of next doors cabin, UN aware that day that in america Wisconsin? a shooting had taken place in a Sikh temple. What occurred later in the evening in the wood outside cabin, was the ET lights appearing, much phenomena took place around the cabin, the lights in the cabin went off by them self, then came back on by them self, this phenomena occurred in the days being at the cabin, the noises outside cabin was clear to hear as well as in the cabin noises of feet heard yet no one was walking around at time, Sylvia filmed what she could on the trip in France, yet not a lot could be done, what we have captured below are below the images, the lights and lampshades of the parallel world dimensions also appear in daylight in the trees of wood, enjoy what you see below.



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