12th October 2012 Mysterious Circle Parallel World Dimensions Crossing over


it is the 12th October 2012, MysterioUs Circle attempt to sit for Parallel World Dimensions, however the sitting could not fully go ahead, as there was things wrong on the connection, Sylvia's emotions was all over the place and there was risk on what was to come in from a dimension that may not of been safe to work with, so the sitting got closed abruptly. What was captured though is a person?climbing up where the door way is in the lounge. A face also appears going out of or past Sylvia's head, another face appears coming up through the settee near Sylvia and a figure of a man? appears near the settee. What was wrong about this sitting, was Sylvia was not feeling 100 percent great in her self, human emotion can have it's moments of how it too connects with things around it, whether you feel good or bad, sad, happy etc, depending on how you are thinking and feeling about things going on in your life or around you, you can draw in all kinds of good things or bad things that can be well connected and drawn to be interested in what your own emotions or some one else's even connected near you or has left an impression of there own in the atmosphere to bring in others to. Every 3 weeks Sylvia is very highly sensitive and she has to be very careful in how she is around people, places, and some times she can feel it best to avoid people or places for a short time to get peace and calm in her life.Carrying other peoples stress and troubles is not always a good or bad thing, it is advised to be extra cautions that sitting in parallel world dimensions, can be dangerous when a person does not take responsibility for things that can go wrong, and Sylvia knows it is a very sensitive area of working in this way has its hidden dangers and its good points to.
what can a person discover in a parallel world dimension connection, whether it be people from different paths, past present or future, or even places, buildings, objects, worlds, universes and more?
It is an amazing yet can be scary when those worlds around your reality open up can be seen and how they can cross over through your own world at the same time or different vibration, time travel is well and truly connected to this, if you had the chance to change something in your own life, would you? and if you did, would it stop the thing you wanted to change from ever coming back again? all your records in life are recorded and will reappear NOTHING CAN BE AVOIDED AS EITHER WAY WHAT IS MEANT TO HAPPEN TO YOU IN YOUR LIFE WILL, IF IT IS MEANT TO BE CHANGED IT CAN BE, THOSE FROM THE OUTER UNIVERSE WHO HAVE THE KEY TO EVERYONE'S LIFE WHO TELLS US OUR TIME IS UP, THEY WILL PRESS THE SWITCH TO TAKE US OUT OF ONE REALITY AND PUT US IN ANOTHER.AND YOU DO NOT NEED TO DIE TO BE TAKEN.YOU CAN BE ALIVE.

Below are the images of the sitting for 12th October 2012

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