13th October 2012 mysterious circle parallel world dimensions crossing over in the morning

it is the early morning of 13th October 2012, and even though nothing was planned, things appeared unexpectedly of there own accord. the changing over of darkness to light that are on the border of both together can be great to watch as it takes place and each second will have something happening whether your awareness detects it or not. When things cross over whether it is connected with you or someone / something else it can be an over whelming experience, when you sleep in your bed, then wake up, your balance can be not complete as you wake, so everything within your own self has to realign and balance to function with everything else around you.Seeing one place in it's reality is another thing, yet seeing 2 realities connecting and shifting over from one existence to the next is good to witness as it is occurring. Here are images below of some of the changing overs in the parallel world dimension state taking place this morning.

Images Below  for 13th October 2012



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