15th October 2012 MYsterious Circle Parallel world Dimension and ET Sitting

It is the 15th October 2012, and my good friend Maggie has headed home, Chris has took her to the airport this morning and soon she will be back home. she will be missed a lot. Since the day started, encounters of phenomena occurrence's have happened, during this week Sylvia has seen things appearing in mid air shifting about, and the link that is getting stronger with the ET has kept positive, communication from ET directly came in today, and conversations took place about new developments to come soon, one of the ET appeared this morning and it is the very last picture in this post, you can see it's form very clear, it was a very surprising time, this ET is like light, it is a species different to other ET you will see it's full appearance. Just before it appeared in it's form it 's stage of entry from a dimension in parallel world is seen crossing over, there was some numbers, messages brought through also and a sign, besides the 2 different encounters of parallel world dimensions crossing over in the shift it self the ET also brought in some people and objects from other times, a clock appears also there will be a meaning for the clock, the time showing 10:21 am or pm time, if any of you had an experience of any kind today at 10:21 am or pm would be nice to hear what happened to you maybe something occurred very unusual around you. The ET  (extraterrestrials or alien's)
have a very advanced technology that earth technology  has yet to catch up to.
Below are images of the Parallel world dimension sitting and ET.

The ET that appeared to Sylvia 

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