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15th October 2012 parallel world dimension sitting

It is the 16th October 2012, and Sylvia today has been thinking about putting together a few words for public to read about the mysterious circle, some times people can be clear on things and others may not be so clear on how something works when the circle sits.
Not everyone has all the full answers to questions, yet those questions that can be answered are shared.

Questions and answers below:

QUESTION:Sylvia it looks as if with some of the 'parallel dimension' videos you simply have misinterpreted certain video- and reflection effects!

For example where it looks as if Chris and another guy stands infront of a double glassed window and their (double-) reflection is filmed - it looks (!) like the simple reflextion from the window glass.
You speak at the same time about etherical bodies showing themselves on the clip and my question is
1. Is this a fimed reflection or not?

ANSWER:The answer to this question is simple, the mysterious circle have experimented over the years looking at other explanations in to how things can or can not happen, we always look for things when we do any sitting what can cause something to appear, what I will explain is, when we sit and film all sittings, whether in doors or outside we know that there is a high level of vibration occurring between the universe and planets within it. and even though parallel universe's, worlds etc. are being proven by science, we have hit on something big, that is active and even though people are not fully aware of what is going on around them everyday, it is there,whether you look in to the atmosphere itself, you look in to a glass, or even a mirror anything, there are things going on that go beyond even a reflection. The mysterious circle do not use any special effects, or any other source of camera tricks, what is picked up on any camera is picked up. Reality in life is real, what ever way you look at something you will see it as it is. You can accept or not accept a phenomena or a creation that is new or old, what your eye detects or not will be there for those whose awareness is open more than some one else, you can see the same things or not the choices are within each individual, you decide to see or hear it or not. You decide to do what you want to each day, you decide if you want to accept something you touch as solid or soft or invisible. This is a time that what you close your minds off from will either exist or it will not, you decide if you see your family in a photograph or not, when you know your seeing them, your seeing them, everything in this world exists no matter how it appears it is there, you can say something is genuine or fake as your mind only wants to allow itself to say it is either because the reality of existences around are being chosen by each individual to accept or reject it.


19th april 2012 Sylvia's Ether appears out of her head,the silver cord is visible over Sylvia's face

The ether self is the spirit the replica of your physical body in which you as a person is connected with in life and death, the silver cord is attached to this ether and physical body to keep you connected, and for example it is known people who astral travel or have a near death experience can find them self being extended out the body by the silver chord, if the chord breaks, your a goner.
When the mysterious circle sits for beyond physical mediumship which is not physical mediumship of the old, the ether does appear, it assists in looking after Sylvia and it also helps guide in spirit and other life forms from other dimensions, look at the picture above, you will see the head popping out of Sylvia's head with the silver chord attached, this is the ether of Sylvia what it looks like.
All Images and video and Audio are original  we never use any programmes to edit them, we do not use any effects during the sittings nor after sitting, nothing is added to the material. it is all original.

QUESTION:Or the other clip with the outside things (white house) that looks like as if simply being filmed through your own reflection in a window!?
Additionally you see the camera itself pointing onto the reflection of yours - so it is a reflection or not and why are you describing the things that can be seen in the outside background, that is visible through the reflection if your face!

ANSWER:The Circle has given examples to guests who have needed to see examples of what parallel worlds can be like by using other methods and examples, those examples are not to be confused by the parallel world sittings the circle do, some people will not be able to cope with a full blast of parallel world phenomena taking place, some would get very frightened, the circle has had to with some guests take them through small doses of sitting, those guests have not seen the parallel world in full action, personal responsibility to any sitting is very important and has to be strict, as there are risks involved where it can be dangerous and it can be dangerous when things start coming in, it is how a person handles the experience.

QUESTION:2. Are you sitting in front of a window, filming your reflection, through which the outside world is visible? Why are you calling it 'parallel dimension'?
Or am i missing the real paranormal effect?

ANSWER:Parallel world dimension sittings the Circle do are not involving window or reflection as you think, the only times mirrors or window have been used, are for guests seeing an example of how worlds do come in, this is on another level of what can appear in a mirror or glass, as for many years from my child hood I have seen worlds, people, places appear through them, and have filmed it happening while it appears, this is a different form of work on a milder , scale to seeing it in open spaces where there is no reflections or mirrors and for those who do not understand it or do not know why mirrors or glass can have phenomena occur, it will be a lesson for those who need to go through basics on how other forms can appear in them.

QUESTION:A last example:
when you film into a tv screen that displays what the camera is at the same moment recording, a visual effect appears that is called TUNNEL EFFECT.
When such a tunnel effect is happening the rectangle frame of the recording always pulses into a seemingly endless room (picture of a picture in a picture aso) that is created that way!

You present a clip, where you see yourself stepping into a scene, where a camera is visible (normally if you are simply filming yourself, the camera is not visible! That the camera is visible points into the direction you are filming a reflection or - as described - the outcome of the very same camera on a tv screen or monitor for example to create the described tunnel effect.

Then You come and step into the picture and begin to interplay with the light effects of the tunnel effect! That is what it LOOKS like!!

If you let the videos publicly online - i would explain these questions, means what and where exactly is the paranormal effect and what was the exact experimental setting (how many cams filmed what?!

3. Which experiment setting lead to the effect that looks like the tunnel effect in your clip? (the clip where you play with the pulsating lights)

ANSWER: The Circle is aware on a TV or a monitor etc, what a camera can do if it is plugged in to it or not, and yes you can get pulsating tunnel effects, however the phenomena that came in this type of sitting demonstration was showing the example of multi dimensional of the ether and what was amazing about it was the ether did to a point copy the physical body, yet it did it's own thing part way through and not only that the pulsating light you are describing, had a mind of its own, not because it was there it was the ET that took over and brought through there own phenomena and shared in what can be seen as impossible, and there was no multi cams.
The mysterious circle has sat in front of a TV switched on or Off in the past, and during the sitting, the body parts are seen de materialising  even body parts going in to the TV set, these are things that people are not sure in what to say on this either we do know though there are people who liked it, and we do know, there have been people who have said, when they see Sylvia sit, they see her hands are visible,and they also see the  hands de-materialise when they watch. There will always be questions, doubts, people will have there own point of view, no one can get another person to accept or believe in something, it is up to the individual to decide, your reality is what you see, and how you choose to see it, yet there are things you will not want to ever see, and maybe being where you are in your own reality may be a safer place than seeing what is there around you already you have not yet switched on to see,could may even scare you.

Some questions may not have been answered at it's best, yet we as a circle can not disclose too much, because there are dangers we too have to be careful of in this life.....And Parallel worlds can be  dangerous.

Warning:Do not meddle with things you do not understand

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